Chiropractic care includes many options besides back and spinal decompression and adjustment. Chiropractors have developed sophisticated extremity treatment options for many other parts of the body as well, and these choices are often useful for patients suffering from pain in their limbs or other joints. At SoCal Spinal Decompression Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc. in Los Angeles, we provide natural and effective care for extremities.

Upper Extremity Treatments

Your shoulder joint is the most complicated joint in your body, and it has a wide range of motion. As such, it is prone to a wide range of injuries, misalignments, and accidents, all of which can lead to pain and restricted motion. An injury to the shoulder can also lead to back pain or pain in the chest muscles due to its attachments to the rest of your body. Upper extremity treatments for the shoulder tend to focus on placing the shoulder joint back in the correct alignment and ensuring that it is able to move correctly.

Lower Extremity Treatments

The hip joints in your body are not quite as complex as your shoulders, but they are still prone to pain from injury and misalignment. When the hip is damaged, mobility issues can develop, which can lead to back and muscle pain in the legs. Chiropractic treatment can include both decompression treatment and other therapeutic techniques designed to restore full range of motion to the hip joint.

Extremity Pain Causes and Treatments

Poor alignment of the back, shoulder, and hips is quite often the usual cause of pain in the extremities. On occasion, poor stance or walking gait can cause foot problems, which can also contribute to pain. At SoCal Spinal Decompression Center, we focus on chiropractic therapy using a decompression table to restore your body to its natural alignment.

A decompression table is used to slightly stretch the body, creating space and an opportunity for the misaligned joint or back to move back into its natural shape without recourse to surgery or drugs. Decompression therapy is safe and effective, and has been proven over many years of experience. It offers an alternative which is at least as effective as conventional medicine.

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