Auto accidents are very common and often leave victims with debilitating pain and injuries. Among the worst injuries are those that affect the neck and back. At SoCal Spinal Decompression Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc.., in Los Angeles, CA, we can help. Our team offers natural, safe, and effective treatment methods for auto accident injuries and much more. We can help you get back to feeling your best.

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Neck Pain and Whiplash

Among the most commonly occurring and painful injuries in a car accident is whiplash. This injury causes a lot of neck pain. Whiplash is a term for when the neck is forcefully thrust back and forth, which often happens when two cars crash. The neck undergoes stresses similar to the cracking of a whip, which is where the term whiplash comes from.

This injury may take days or weeks to begin showing symptoms, but it can be very painful. Our chiropractor can provide a combination of therapies that help to enhance healing and alleviate neck pain caused by whiplash and other injuries. Trigger point therapy, massage therapy, joint manipulation, and electro stimulation are just some of the many effective therapies that can help with whiplash. They are non-invasive and do not require potentially addictive pain medication to produce beneficial health results.

Back Pain

Back pain is another common injury from auto accidents. Back pain can greatly reduce your quality of life and make it difficult to do simple tasks. Back injuries resulting from an auto accident often are widespread and could include minor spinal fractures, misalignment, dislocated or herniated spinal discs, muscle injuries, and even dislocations that can trigger extreme back pain.

Our chiropractor often uses spinal adjustments to help with back pain. Spinal manipulation can realign the spine and alleviate tension and pressure. This helps to reduce pain in many areas of the body. We might also suggest corrective exercises to improve posture and balance, which will relieve pain. Massage therapy and acupuncture might also help with back pain by reducing inflammation and promoting natural healing in the body.

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If you were in an auto accident, it’s important not to wait to seek treatment. Many injuries will not show symptoms right away, and neglecting treatment may cause your condition to worsen or cause long-term health issues. At SoCal Spinal Decompression Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc.., we can help you after a car accident. We serve patients in Los Angeles, CA. Our treatment methods can alleviate back and neck pain after an injury. We also treat a variety of other injuries and conditions. To learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.