Acupuncture is an effective treatment option for many health conditions. If you think that you may benefit from acupuncture and live in or around Los Angeles, contact our team at SoCal Spinal Decompression Center, Lee Chiropractic, Inc. We have gathered a few questions that we have run into regarding acupuncture.

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Q: How Does Acupuncture Work?

The doctor will use hair-thin, disposable, stainless steel needles to stimulate the 14 major energy-carrying channels in the body. Acupuncture corrects imbalances in the body to help it overcome or resist illnesses and pain.

Q: Is Acupuncture Safe?

As long as you are working with a licensed professional, acupuncture is a very safe treatment option for many chronic and acute health conditions.

Q: Is Acupuncture Painful?

Although acupuncture involves needles, it is painless. The needles used are hair-thin and do not cause the pain that you would experience from a hypodermic needle. In many cases, patients fall asleep during the procedure.

Q: Does Acupuncture Have Any Side Effects?

The great thing about acupuncture is that the procedure causes no side effects. Some people experience minor bruising; however, many people do not.

Q: What Are the Advantages of Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is better than pain medication because the medication can be addictive. Also, it is common to develop a tolerance to pain mediation, making it no longer effective. You will not need to worry about either of these issues with acupuncture.

Q: Where Will the Doctor Place the Needles?

The placement of the needles will depend on your condition and the location of your pain. They are commonly placed at or below the elbows or the knees. They can also be placed in the back, abdomen, ears, or face.

Q: What Can I Do To Prepare For My First Visit?

Your body will need energy for the treatment to work properly; therefore, you should eat a light breakfast before the visit. You should also wear loose clothing so we can easily reach the treatment areas.

Q: What Will Happen During My First Visit?

During your first visit, we will take a complete medical history and your condition. Next, we will check your pulse and tongue and look for tender areas. The first visit will take about an hour and a half and future appointments will last an hour.

Q: What Conditions Can Acupuncture Treat?

Acupuncture can treat a variety of issues, including:

  • Mental and emotional issues
  • Upper respiratory tract issues
  • Respiratory system illnesses
  • Disorders of the eye
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Tennis elbow
  • Sciatica
  • Lower back pain
  • Osteoarthritis

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